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Cash is King but how do you maximize it?

Cash is King but how do you maximize it?

Do you know where your cash went? Cash management is a relentless task that requires constant attention. It is important to develop efficiency in your procedures by utilizing tools such as cash flow projections and key performance indicators as a road map for the future direction of your [...]

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What is the best way to organize my business financial records?


We have found that the most successful small business owners keep good records and maintain a good record filing and retention policy. It is important to keep all monthly bank statements, monthly cancelled checks, credit card receipts, credit card statements, cash receipts, and any important business documents in an organized filing system. We recommend that you keep these documents sorted by month. This makes it easier to send us your documents and also ensures that your back-up documents are readily accessible should the need arise. One easy and effective record retention method is to purchase a scanner and save all your financial documents electronically. By doing so, you can save space and prevent document loss.

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