• “Ms. Andy Carnaghe has proven to be a valuable asset to our publishing operations. With a variety of complicated businesses under one business umbrella, including magazines, wine clubs and public events, Ms. Carnaghe was able to cobble together several revenue streams, determine the most favorable course of accounting actions for each division and save our company considerable money through advantageous tax (all perfectly legitimate) strategies, streamline our accounting procedures and give us accurate and timely end-of-year numbers usually ahead of schedule. Whatever we paid Ms. Carnaghe, she has repaid in savings and clean clear records for our business.”
    –Donald V. Fritzen
    Executive Director
    California Wine Festival
  • “Andy always had great ideas and was able to help other people improve their businesses. Her clients seemed to be very pleased with her work.”
    –Gary Kravetz, CEO
    National Careers Corporation
    Santa Barbara, California
  • “Andy, Your solutions to my accounting problems worked great.You are super fast and accurate. You are my kind of gal! Thank you so much”.
    –Cheryl Stern, President
    World Wise Imports
    Las Vegas Nevada
  • “Andrea and Accounting A la Carte have helped me to grow my business to the next level. The knowledgebase and skill that this team bring to the table is phenomenal. Although DKB Resources, Inc. continues to grow in leaps and bounds, we will never outgrow Accounting A la Carte”.
    –Darya Bronston,President
    DKB Resources, Inc.
    Santa Barbara, California

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We serve small and mid size businesses of all types in all industries. With a few exceptions, we focus primarily on small businesses with revenues between $1million and $5 million in total annual revenue Or small businesses with fewer than 10 employees. We also service Mid-Size Companies with revenues between $5 million and $10 million in total annual revenue Or medium size businesses with fewer than 20 employees This focus helps us master our field and provide the best possible service to our clients.

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