Benefits to You

Significant Savings

Significant Cost Savings: Instead of hiring a full-time or part-time employee and paying expensive payroll taxes and benefits, save money by using Accounting a la Carte.  You don’t need to train or teach or even supervise the work of our bookkeepers or accountants, we do it for you!

Real Time Access

Real Time Access: A part-time bookkeeper you hire is only available to you part-time. Accounting a la Carte bookkeepers/accountants are available to you anytime, via email or a telephone call. Plus, your financial records will be maintained regularly and you have real-time access to your finances, all the time!


Simplicity: The Accounting a la Carte service is fast and efficient and eliminates the headaches of bills piling up, uncollected receivable, bounced checks, money waiting to be deposited, and lack of information about your business finances. We update your books regularly, take care of your payroll and filings, and make your finances simpler so you can grow your business.


Continuity: If you hire and train an in-house bookkeeper, that person may go on vacation, get sick, or leave your company. Then you are left with a gap in your bookkeeping. With Accounting a la Carte your books are maintained regularly no matter what. You never have to find, hire, and re-train a new person ever again!


Guarantee: If you are not happy, we make it right. Accounting a la Carte was built on the premise that today’s business owners are well-informed and demand high-quality service.  We strive to live up to those expectations, and that is why we guarantee our work.  If our bookkeeper/ accountant is not working out for ANY reason, and you are not satisfied with our services, we will immediately correct the situation.  Please contact us immediately to discuss solution options that will work best for you.  Accounting a la Carte stands behind its people and its work.  If you are still not satisfied, you get one month of free service.  It’s that simple, you have our word on it.  In fact, we have a 97% customer retention rate, so be assured that you are in good hands.

Andrea and Accounting A la Carte have helped me to grow my business to the next level. The knowledgebase and skill that this team bring to the table is phenomenal. Although DKB Resources, Inc. continues to grow in leaps and bounds, we will never outgrow Accounting A la Carte
Darya Bronston, President
DKB Resources, Inc. Santa Barbara, California