Why Choose Us

Three Words Describe Accounting a la Carte:

Experience, Quality, and Cost Savings.

First, Accounting a la Carte has the accounting and bookkeeping experience to help your business.

Our founder served at one of the most prestigious international accounting, and consulting firms in the world.

Our consultants are highly qualified professionals including CFOs and seasoned accountants.

Second, we provide professional, responsive and quality service.

We know and understand accounting and we ensure that our services are of the highest caliber.  We focus on bookkeeping and accounting solutions so that you can focus on growing your business.

Third, we save you money.

We are able to do the same bookkeeping and accounting tasks that your CPA firms does , but we do it for a lot less. Our bookkeeping fees don’t take a bite out of you budget.

Fourth, We Guarantee our Services

Think of us as your own accounting department.

Experience You Can Trust

Accounting a la Carte was founded by Andrea Carnaghe an accounting professional from one of the “Big Four” firms, who possess over 20 years of combined experience serving many clients in the areas of accounting and business planning.  Our sole focus is small and mid size companies in California, to which we provide unmatched experience and knowledge to ensure that your finances are taken care of - the right way.

Comprehensive Services

Accounting a la Carte’s goal is to provide small and mid size business owners with a menu of services they need to manage and grow their business. We provide experienced, responsive and quality bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, CFO, QuickBooks services, that are designed to help you focus on more important things, such as growing, and managing your business. Think of us as your own accounting department.

Easy and Convenient

Accounting a la Carte does everything you need in the time frame and the place you need it done.  We are your own accounting department and are dedicated to keeping your financial information up to date, accurate and timely!  If you have any questions or concerns, we are there for you at the click of a button or a phone call away.

CPA-free pricing

Accounting a la Carte can perform CPA duties without CPA rates! We are able to do the same bookkeeping and accounting tasks that your CPA firm does, but we do it for a lot less.We can save money on your CPA bill, as we don’t charge CPA prices to get your books done accurately, timely and up to date!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Accounting a la Carte was build on the premise that today’s business owners are well-informed and demand high-quality service. We strive to live up to those expectations, and that is why we guarantee our work. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will immediately correct the situation. If you are still not satisfied, you get one free month of service. It’s that simple.

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Andy always had great ideas and was able to help other people improve their businesses. Her clients seemed to be very pleased with her work.
Gary Kravetz, CEO
National Careers Corporation Santa Barbara, California