Our Consultants

We only hire qualified bookkeepers, accountants, QuickBooks experts and CFO’s.

We thoroughly interview prospective consultants to identify accounting knowledge, education, and quality of skills, references, work experience, training, successes and work habits.  In a committed effort to guarantee the skill level and work history of all Accounting a la Carte consultants, applicants are thoroughly screened through the following steps.

STEP 1 – Interview

Using our accounting knowledge to screen applicants on their technical abilities, the initial interview determines their bookkeeping and accounting experience by reviewing their employment history in detail.  Through this process we are able to accurately gauge their accounting qualifications.

STEP 2 - Skills Evaluations

If necessary, we verify potential applicants’ qualifications by administering a bookkeeping/accounting test to determine their level of accounting knowledge and expertise.

STEP 3 - Employment References

We verify references from current and/or previous employers.  We also obtain references from CPA’s they have interacted with on an accounting basis. This helps us determine their level of professionalism.  Our goal is to obtain an honest assessment of the applicant.

STEP 4 – Background Checks

We conduct background checks including social security number trace, criminal history, and credit history reports as within the scope of the law.  This is a condition of contract.

STEP 5 – Evaluation and Decision

We review the applicants experience, test scores, references and background checks with the applicant to determine their level of accounting experience and level of service.

If the applicant’s accounting experience, test scores, personal skills, background check and availability are stellar, the applicant becomes eligible to work with client companies as an Accounting a la Carte consultant.

Andy, Your solutions to my accounting problems worked great.You are super fast and accurate. You are my kind of gal! Thank you so much
Cheryl Stern, President
World Wise Imports Las Vegas Nevada